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Audi invest 20 billion EUR in new models and technologies

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Audi A6The German manufacturer Audi announced that it will increase by 2 billion. Euro amount to invest in its development until 2019. So the company plans to spend this period a total of 24 billion. Euro using to overtake rival BMW and to come in first place in sales among manufacturers of premium models
About 70% of this amount will be allocated to the development of new models and technologies. The company plans to bring a new generation “super-economy” internal combustion engines, as well as a number of alternative power units. In forums of Audi the company intend to focus on the development of hybrids capable of charging from the mains, as well as units powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The company says that mass production of such cars will start as soon as it has been justified by market demand and infrastructure needed for them. By the beginning of 2020, Audi intends to present 10 completely new models. Among them will be a subcompact SUV and the new flagship of the brand – Audi A9 and SUV-style “cross-coupe” Audi Q8.
By 2018 the market will come two electric, one of which will be sports. This most likely will be electric e-tron version of the new generation of supercar Audi R8, whose debut is scheduled for next year. As to the second electric vehicle, it will be sporty SUV. He will have to compete with the still unaired market Tesla Model X. expected German crossover can go with one battery charge more than 500 kilometers.
The remaining 30% of the investment will be allocated to modernize the factories of Audi in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, and the one in Mexico that will produce models for the US market. Money earmarked for the development of new systems to support the driver, as well as new infotainment technologies.

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