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Autonomous Vehicles:

It will be a sad day when we won’t be able to just drive our cars where we want, how we want (for the most part). I guess the benefits of safety and less traffic congestion outweigh the cons. Autonomous vehicles will provide a further divide in technological progress between developed and developing countries.

Some links that will make you think about the future:

The End of Car Ownership

Your Next Car May Be a Living Room on Wheels

A robo-car speed bump? Toyota, GM defects cast new light on push for self-driving autos.

Car Ownership:

Building on car ownership thought, here is a provocative article on how the car is your most underutilized asset. This is true especially if you are not a gearhead and look at your  car from purely profit and loss perspective. I know readers of our blog probably fall outside of this group.

The latest attack on America’s car culture comes from Wall Street

Station Wagon:

I am assuming you are reader of this blog you probably prefer station wagon to an SUV and longing for days when Audi will bring RS6 Avant to North America. Here is a history of love/hate relationship we have with station wagons in North America.

Why America’s love affair with the station wagon is over


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