About Us: Lovers and Admirers of Audi A6


Cursed with love for the cars? We know the feeling! We will be the first to admit that our battle with car addiction was lost. We spent countless amount of hours (ok days) window shopping for the next ride, virtually tuning cars and arguing on everything from forced induction to the best dash cam.

As the name suggests here at Audi-A6.org we are biased towards Audi A6, actually we like all Audis. Every staff member drives Audi RS6 avant here. Let’s get real – we wish we could afford RS6 and also that it would be available in US/Canada The reality is that we have to adjust our expectations to  the size of our checking accounts and conflicting responsibilities (not every partner appreciates our priorities).

Like everybody we read articles from main stream magazines. Unfortunately, a lot of them cover top of the line models and don’t talk about things that matter to real owners and do it yourselves. Especially if you like us didn’t buy the latest model – you will have to dive deep into the forums, filter through hundreds pages of chatter to see what is relevant to you.

Some of us just don’t have time for it or our partner is not too fond of us spending some too much time on Car Forums. That is why we started Audi-A6.org it is a website for anybody who is interested in buying, owning or tuning any Audi A6 on any budget. We try to answer all of the questions that bother us at night about Audis.

  • Should I buy new or used Audi A6?
  • Is Audi A6 better than 5 series and E class?
  • How fast is Audi A6?
  • How reliable is Audi A6?
  • How to tune your your Audi A6?
  • VW vs Audi is that worth it?
  • Is there a collectible Audi?

You can call us Audi owners and admirers.

The site was founded by John Krasovski and Alex Miller in 2015. We wish you all lots of money for cars, car parts and empty roads!