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Audi A6 newUntil the advent of the new generation Audi A6, about two years, but the German company already working hard on its development. Actually the designers of Audi has finished designing the model, which was even approved by the company management. The new chief designer of the Audi Mark Licht said that the design of the next A6 is ready, it is largely drawn from the concept Prologue.
This conceptual model shown in the showroom in Los Angeles earlier this year, was created to show how will the new models of Audi. In creating his motifs from cult brand for racing cars as Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO and the first generations of the A8 TT coupe.
Licht pointed out, that in parallel with the design of the next A6 and run development of the new A8 and A7, we expect respectively in 2016 and 2017 thus three models will have unique features, but at the same time will be easily recognizable as representatives of brand.
For the next Audi A6 already know that it will use the platform MLB Evo, which is the basis of the presented days ago new Q7. This means that the new Audi A6 will be lighter, more economical, more dynamic and more spacious than this. The model should be available in 2017.

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