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Audi launches two conceptual models

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Audi NanukAudi company is considering the establishment of two completely new sports car to occupy the highest places in the model range of the brand. In their basis will be prototypes Sport quattro and Nanuk, which were shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show last fall, said the head of the British division of Audi – Andre Konsbrak before Autocar.
“All conceptual models that show may become serial”, Konsbrak explained. “I believe that very soon the time will come in which we can offer our clients these innovative vehicles. They will be niche and expensive, but will raise the image of our brand. No matter how popular cars like the A3, we can not only produce them. To maintain high image need special projects and Sport quattro and Nanuk will help us in that direction”, finished he.
The prototype Nanuk quattro rely on 5.0-liter diesel V10 engine with 544 hp and 1000 Nm of torque. From 0 to 100 km/h Concept accelerates in 3.7 seconds and top speed reaches 305 km/h.
Audi Coupe Sport quattro in turn has a hybrid engine, offering a total output of 700 hp The maximum torque this car is 800 Nm, and its dynamics is identical to Nanuk quattro.
Konsbrak added that override Audi remains the release of new crossovers and creating terrain modifications to the current version. He also said that so far the company are of the opinion that it is necessary to launch a new compact car as A1 enjoys great interest from customers.

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