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АBT Sportsline tuned Audi A6 Saloon

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Audi A6 Saloon ABTTo be at the level of presentation, ABT Sportsline show even more sportiness, more performance and more driving pleasure. Following the advertising slogan for the new A6 “Captivating and imaginative whirlwind” – the imagination of the most successful tuning company car brand Audi and Volkswagen goes even one step further and gives the newcomer in the family characteristic of him. The aim of the A6 is certain: it is closely linked with the role model, the successful Audi A8 also established itself as the sportiest car in its class. Equipped with optical extensions package ABT Sportsline, A6 is on the right track from the beginning. Four chrome exhaust ABT give a clear signal to the capacity of the power of this exceptional vehicle. ABT rear spoiler on the trunk gives it a sporty look. Like all additional components to the body of ABT Sportsline, the spoiler is of high quality and is perfectly integrated, so it fits great on the contours of the standard vehicle.
АBT Sportsline achieved greater performance and power under the hood of A6: for example through sports suspension, which offers variations of height or premium increase in power for three-liter six-cylinder diesel engine. After detailed reprogramming management V6-cylinder TDI engine with a capacity of three liters is now 198 kW, instead of the standard 165 kW (270 hp instead of 225). This improvement is possible thanks to the intervention, requiring great technical know-how that gives huge advantages to customers – chip tuning.
ABT Audi A6 not only has more power (0-100 km/h for 6.9 seconds and a top speed of around 247 km/h), but also more torque (approx 550 Nm). Although discretion before spoiler attaches great personality of the vehicle. This style continues and sides. With ABT AS6 ABT Sportsline once again able to present their ideas at the same time the official presentation of the standard car. Over the years, great confidence is transposed to motorsport: the return of Audi in the DTM, ABT Sportsline as an official working team scored four Audi A4 DTM and experience first conquered four rounds on the podium.

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